Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mastering Technology: It makes some feel stupid, others master it to feel smart

Another boomer trait I just cannot stand: "The kids are good at tech, I'll just never get it."   If you've ever said that then you are a liar.  Now, I'm not here to name call so let me point out that I'm simply stating a fact. I doubt you've spent as much time on the tech as your average 10 year old.

Traveling with Tech: OTG Cable

TECH-UPDATE: Android OTG Cable

Traveling with Tech: Galaxy S4 and Power

TECH-UPDATE: I just took two back to back trips where I was using my Galaxy S4 heavily.  Basically I was using it constantly for photos, video, status updates, movies, TV, music and email.   I came away loving this technology for how well it worked and I am usually heavily disappointed by tech.